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Apple reportedly taps veteran Lamborghini talent for its own Car project

A Taraborrelli-designed concept car. (Source: Lamborghini)
A Taraborrelli-designed concept car. (Source: Lamborghini)
Whether Apple is truly on track to launch its first ever Car in the next few years or not is a hotly-debated topic in the tech space. Nevertheless, the OEM has allegedly made a potentially crucial addition to its growing automotive team: Luigi Taraborrelli, a designer who spent 20 years at the iconic marque Lamborghini prior to apparently taking a new, leading role in Cupertino.

Apple may be best known for its mostly mobile consumer tech, yet is now widely tipped to break into the vehicle market with its first-gen, likely ultra-high-tech, Car within the next few years. The California-based behemoth is said to have acquired the staff members it needs to realize this dream from companies ranging from Volvo and Waymo to those such as Porsche and McLaren. Now, the resulting team has reportedly added a new former employer to its collective CV: Lamborghini.

Luigi Taraborrelli has served as a chief engineer for the famously high-end manufacturer before reportedly taking a senior role at Apple. Accordingly, the new hire could prove significant, as Taraborrelli may be capable of informing the development and function of important components such as the suspension, brakes, and perhaps even the overall body design found on the first-gen Apple Car.

Then again, this does not necessarily mean that the putative EV will turn out looking anything like a Huracán or Aventador; in fact, there are signs that it might end up looking nothing like anything currently on the market, or even acting as a typical personal automobile. Nevertheless, should Bloomberg's sources prove accurate, it might indeed have the high-end appeal its maker is more than likely going for.

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Deirdre O'Donnell, 2022-08- 2 (Update: 2022-08- 2)