HTC One X9

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HTC One X9
HTC One X9 (One Gamme)
Mediatek Helio X10 MT6795
Carte graphique
5.5 pouces 16:9, 1920 x 1080 pixel, brillant: oui
170 g



Note moyenne: 56.25% - Médiocre
Moyenne de 4 notes (à partir de 9 critiques)
prix: 60%, performances: 70%, équipement: 70%, écran: 73% mobilité: 70%, finition: 83%, ergonomie: - %, degré de nuisance: - %

Critiques pour le/la HTC One X9

60% HTC One X9 Review
Source: NDTV Gadgets Anglais EN→FR
The HTC One X9 was launched in India back in May at a price of Rs. 25,990, but only went on sale in July and is currently available for around Rs. 23,990. This phone's metal body and good display performance make for a good package. However, the camera and battery life are disappointing and, overall, it isn't very easy to recommend the X9 with more powerful competition like the Xiaomi Mi 5 and Le Max 2 at around the same price point.
Critique simple, disponibles en ligne, De taille moyenne, Date: 09/13/2016
Notes: Note globale: 60% prix: 60% performances: 70% écran: 80% mobilité: 70% finition: 80%
60% HTC One X9 Review
Source: Tech Magnifier Anglais EN→FR
While HTC has certainly build some brand value to have its own pricing ecosystem keep a tag to its newest offerings, the competition outside has grown exorbitantly. HTC acknowledged that with its flagship HTC 10, but like last year, its mid-range and budget devices haven’t seen a new innovation, or a more market-driven price. The X9 is certainly an improvement over the last year’s sub-30k offering, but fails to offer something great beyond the brand value.
Critique simple, disponibles en ligne, Très courte, Date: 08/27/2016
Notes: Note globale: 60%
35% HTC One X9 Review
Source: Techspot Anglais EN→FR
The One X9 is just too expensive for what it provides. The Moto G4 is a better phone and it’s just $200, while the Nexus 5X is available for under $300. Both are cheaper and significantly better than the One X9 across the board. Even in Australia (where the One X9 is widely available) its AU$480 price makes it hard to recommend over the aforementioned devices, both which are at least $80 cheaper. This makes the One X9 a disappointing offering, and another nail in the coffin for mid-range smartphones. At the high-end, HTC has a really compelling device in the HTC 10, but this success hasn’t trickled down to the company’s cheaper devices.
Critique simple, disponibles en ligne, Très longue, Date: 08/23/2016
Notes: Note globale: 35%
70% Premium looks are simply not enough
Source: Anglais EN→FR
The HTC One X9 is indeed a great smartphone. It packs in one of the better cameras that we have seen from HTC so far and currently the only one in the company’s premium range to feature BoomSound with a dual front-facing speaker setup. What shines through however is the quality and premium looks of the device, even though it belongs to the mid-range.
Critique simple, disponibles en ligne, Très longue, Date: 08/02/2016
Notes: Note globale: 70% performances: 70% équipement: 70% écran: 65% mobilité: 70% finition: 85%
HTC One X9
Source: The Techy Anglais EN→FR
Slightly overpriced but a great phone for gamers and audiophiles. Certainly, it’s a phone made especially suiting customer’s demands of more juice with fast charging, great camera and a flawless design to sum up the how premium the phone is. A powerful traditional phone keeping in mind with the modernity of society blended well without anything to crib about.
Critique simple, disponibles en ligne, Très courte, Date: 07/18/2016
Hands on: HTC One X9 review
Source: Techradar Anglais EN→FR
The HTC One X9 is a nice looking phone, if a little chunky. It's not going to be the big hitter from the brand at this conference, let's be honest, nor will it pull up any trees in terms of sales.
Critique simple, disponibles en ligne, Très courte, Date: 02/24/2016
Hands-on with new flagship but we want the One M10
Source: PC Advisor Anglais EN→FR
Although there’s a lot to like about the HTC One X9, it’s not the flagship phone we were hoping for. It’s a sort of mash up of a few different previous phone from the company. A larger phone with some decent specs will appeal to some but we’re holding out for the One M10.
Critique simple, disponibles en ligne, Très courte, Date: 02/24/2016
HTC One X9
Source: Trusted Reviews Anglais EN→FR
It’s currently unclear if the HTC One X9 will appear in the UK and how much it will cost. But I’m quietly pleased with the tweaks the company has made to the handset. While it doesn’t rework the wheel, the One X9 could potentially fix many of the issues I had with the A9. Hopefully, HTC will continue to learn from its past mistakes and price the One X9 competitively.
Critique simple, disponibles en ligne, Très courte, Date: 02/22/2016
HTC One X9: Boosting the mid-range with A9 design
Source: Pocket Lint Anglais EN→FR
A lot will hang on how the HTC One X9 is priced. That's the missing piece of the puzzle here. The HTC One A9 was far too expensive when it appeared in the UK and we're hoping that the One X9 can keep things in check. There's a danger, however, that rivalry from the likes of OnePlus, Huawei and others, will make this HTC handset seem too expensive.
Critique simple, disponibles en ligne, Très courte, Date: 02/21/2016


Imagination PowerVR G6200:
Circuit graphique multi-core (2 clusters) destiné aux Smartphones et autres tablettes compatible OpenGL 4.X et ES 3.0.
Seuls les vieux jeux peuvent tourner de façon fluide sur ces ordinateurs (S'ils ne sont pas trop gourmands en ressources). Les coeurs à mémoire partagée de cette catégorie ont l'avantage d'être moins chaud et moins gourmand en énergie. Pour le bureau, internet, l'édition de photos, et le montage vidéo ces cartes graphiques n'ont aucune restrictions.
>> Plus d'informations sont à trouver dans notre comparaison des cartes graphiques mobiles et ainsi que dans notre liste des Benchmarks affiliés.
>> Plus d'informations sont à trouver dans notre comparaison des processeurs mobiles.
5.5": Avec 4,9 pouces, on commence à s’attaquer aux smartphones à grand écran. Cette taille d’écran reste néanmoins très répandue. Un écran de plus grandes dimensions permettent des résolutions plus élevées, les détails comme la finesse des lettres seront meilleurs. Néanmoins, un écran de plus petite taille est synonyme de consommation énergétique moindre et souvent d’un terminal plus compact, plus léger et plus abordable.
>> Pour en savoir un peu plus sur la finesse des pixels à l'écran, jetez un coup d'œil à notre liste des DPI (PPP, points par pouce).
0.17 kg: Il s’agit du poids le plus commun pour un smartphone.
56.25%: Une note aussi moyenne est rare. Il y a peu d'ordinateurs portables aussi mauvais.
>> Plus d'informations sont à trouver dans notre guide d'achat pour les ordinateurs portables.
PowerVR G6200

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