HTC One M9+

Spécifications de l'ordinateur portable

HTC One M9+
HTC One M9+ (One Gamme)
Mediatek Helio X10 MT6795
Carte graphique
5.2 pouces 16:9, 2560 x 1440 pixel, brillant: oui
168 g
700 euros



Note moyenne: 77.2% - Bon
Moyenne de 5 notes (à partir de 7 critiques)
prix: 50%, performances: 83%, équipement: 50%, écran: 90% mobilité: 72%, finition: 88%, ergonomie: - %, degré de nuisance: - %

Critiques pour le/la HTC One M9+

60% HTC One M9+ Review
Source: Phone Arena Anglais EN→FR
The One M9+, by itself, is a mixed bag. The design is decent, if a bit over-the-top, but the screen's color balance leaves a lot to be desired, just like that of the M9. The chipset here, the MediaTek Helio X10, does a good job with system performance, but isn't quite top of the line. And while Sense 7.0 UI does appear mature and coherent enough, the user experience as a whole isn't as polished or seamless as we'd like it to be. It's a bit rough around the edges. Factor in the mediocre camera and unsatisfying call quality, and there just doesn't seem to be that much in the HTC One M9+ to keep us interested. Come on, HTC, we know you can do better than that!
Critique simple, disponibles en ligne, Courte, Date: 11/12/2015
Notes: Note globale: 60%
80% Plus and minus
Source: Pocket Lint Anglais EN→FR
The HTC One M9+ is an improvement on the regular One M9 in a number of areas. It runs cooler with barely any difference in the daily experience when it comes to performance. The battery life is similar or better, despite the boosted display, but the lack of Quick Charge 2.0 compatibility is a shame. The display is larger at 5.2-inches, so suitability will come down to personal preference, but its qHD resolution means it's sharper and looks better, which is reason enough to opt for this phone over the M9. Then there is the high quality build and the addition of a fingerprint scanner, plus speakers that are amongst the best out there, with a mature software experience bringing everything together.
Critique simple, disponibles en ligne, Courte, Date: 09/10/2015
Notes: Note globale: 80%
100% HTC One M9+ review
Source: Stuff TV Anglais EN→FR
The M9+ is the step forward that perhaps the M9 should have been. With a bigger, more pixel-packed screen and a fingerprint scanner it's much more welcome at the next-gen superphone party, and it's dressed just as smartly as before.
Critique simple, disponibles en ligne, Courte, Date: 07/28/2015
Notes: Note globale: 100% performances: 90% écran: 100% mobilité: 80% finition: 100%
86% An improvement over the M9, but with a major drawback.
Source: Android Authority Anglais EN→FR
The HTC One M9+ is already available in markets like China and India, and has recently become available on Amazon for purchase in the US, with a price tag of around $710, which does fluctuate though. Available color options include gunmetal and silver gold. Keep in mind that, since it is a GSM version, it is compatible only with the AT&T and T-Mobile network in the US.
Critique simple, disponibles en ligne, Longue, Date: 07/13/2015
Notes: Note globale: 86% performances: 79% écran: 89% mobilité: 85% finition: 95%
60% HTC One M9+ Review: Turning Heads and Taking Chances
Source: NDTV Gadgets Anglais EN→FR
The HTC One M9+ is good at looking good, but that's about where its appeal ends for us. We were hoping for HTC to emerge from its experimental phase with a winner, but that wasn't to be. Unless looks are your top priority, chances are you'd be happier with one of the many available alternatives.
Critique simple, disponibles en ligne, De taille moyenne, Date: 05/28/2015
Notes: Note globale: 60% prix: 50% performances: 80% équipement: 50% écran: 80% mobilité: 50% finition: 70%
HTC One E9+ vs HTC One M9+ comparison: The Ones we were waiting for go head to head
Source: Tech Advisor Anglais EN→FR
On the specs alone the HTC One M9+ is clearly the better phone in this comparison, and its higher price attests to that. We're drawn to the M9+ because it is the M9 we wanted to see unveiled at MWC, with a Quad HD screen and fingerprint scanner. But as a cheaper alternative, the plastic E9+ is a nice option with a larger screen. Now let's just hope we can get hold of them in the UK.
Comparaison, disponibles en ligne, Très courte, Date: 04/29/2015
HTC One M9 vs One M9+ comparison preview: What's the difference?
Source: Tech Advisor Anglais EN→FR
Although the HTC One M9+ isn't official for the UK we hope this comparison has been helpful. Key things to note are that the M9+ has a more impressive 5.2in screen with a Quad HD resolution, the Duo Camera setup and a fingerprint scanner.
Comparaison, disponibles en ligne, Très courte, Date: 04/16/2015


Imagination PowerVR G6200:

Circuit graphique multi-core (2 clusters) destiné aux Smartphones et autres tablettes compatible OpenGL 4.X et ES 3.0.

Seuls les vieux jeux peuvent tourner de façon fluide sur ces ordinateurs (S'ils ne sont pas trop gourmands en ressources). Les coeurs à mémoire partagée de cette catégorie ont l'avantage d'être moins chaud et moins gourmand en énergie. Pour le bureau, internet, l'édition de photos, et le montage vidéo ces cartes graphiques n'ont aucune restrictions.

>> Plus d'informations sont à trouver dans notre comparaison des cartes graphiques mobiles et ainsi que dans notre liste des Benchmarks affiliés.

>> Plus d'informations sont à trouver dans notre comparaison des processeurs mobiles.

5.2": Avec 4,9 pouces, on commence à s’attaquer aux smartphones à grand écran. Cette taille d’écran reste néanmoins très répandue.

Un écran de plus grandes dimensions permettent des résolutions plus élevées, les détails comme la finesse des lettres seront meilleurs. Néanmoins, un écran de plus petite taille est synonyme de consommation énergétique moindre et souvent d’un terminal plus compact, plus léger et plus abordable.
>> Pour en savoir un peu plus sur la finesse des pixels à l'écran, jetez un coup d'œil à notre liste des DPI (PPP, points par pouce).

0.168 kg: Il s’agit du poids le plus commun pour un smartphone.

77.2%: La note n'est pas convaincante. On doit considérer qu'il n'y a pas beaucoup d'ordinateurs portables qui reçoivent une note en dessous de 60%. Ce portable est en dessous de la moyenne, Nous ne conseillons pas vraiment son achat.

>> Plus d'informations sont à trouver dans notre guide d'achat pour les ordinateurs portables.


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