Toshiba Portégé Z835-P330

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Toshiba Portégé Z835-P330Portable: Toshiba Portégé Z835-P330 (Portégé Z830 Série)
Processeur: Intel Core i3 2367M
Adaptateur graphique: Intel HD Graphics 3000
Ècran: 13.3 pouces, 16:9, 1366x768 pixel, brillant: non
Poids: 1.1kg
Prix: 800 euro
Note moyenne: 70% - moyenne
Moyenne de 11 Notes (depuis les 14 critiques)
prix: 70%, performance: 65%, équipement: 80%, écran: - % mobilité: 80%, finition: - %, ergonomie: 80%, emissions: - %

Critiques pour Toshiba Portégé Z835-P330

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Toshiba Portege z835 Review: The $850 Ultrabook
Source: Notebooks.com Anglais EN→FR
Despite the fan noise and flexible display frame, the Portege z835 is a solid ultrabook offering for the average consumer. If you want a thin and light notebook that won’t break the bank, Toshiba’s first ultrabook is a stellar choice. Thanks to the inclusion of backlit keys, all the ports you need and a super thin package the Portege z835 offers an attractive value for the mainstream consumer.
Critique unique, disponible en ligne, Court, Date: 02/07/2012
60% Ultrabook Ultra-Roundup: 4 Top-Notch Notebooks Reviewed and Compared
Source: Maximum PC Anglais EN→FR
RIPE APPLE Sub-$1K; attractive, sturdy lid; decent performance. ROAD APPLE Plastic insides don't match aluminum outside; no USB 3.0; uses HDD; narrow vertical viewing angle.
Comparaison, disponible en ligne, Moyen, Date: 02/06/2012
Note: Note totale: 60%
60% Toshiba Portégé Z835 Review
Source: Maximum PC Anglais EN→FR
Very slim and lightweight for the price; lots of ports. SLIM PICKINGS Too underpowered; sorry SSD speeds; flimsy lid.
Critique unique, disponible en ligne, Très court, Date: 01/13/2012
Note: Note totale: 60%
Toshiba Portégé Z835-P330 Ultrabook Review
Source: Hot Hardware Anglais EN→FR
The Toshiba Portégé Z835-P330 is the least expensive Ultrabook on the market right now. It's street price is several hundred dollars less than the Asus Zenbook, and it's even cheaper than the Acer Aspire S3, which doesn't have a dedicated solid state drive (it uses a 320GB HDD and 20GB SSD) or USB 3.0 port.
Critique unique, disponible en ligne, Long, Date: 01/03/2012
Toshiba Portege Z835 – Review
Source: Gadgetmix Anglais EN→FR
The Toshiba Portege Z835 is Toshiba’s first ultraportable. We can’t recommend the Toshiba Portege Z835 as an ultrabook – with an i5 processor it might well be a different story, but together lagging in benchmarks, together with the poor keyboard and a few shabby touches, we were distinctly unimpressed. Poor show, Toshiba.
Critique unique, disponible en ligne, Court, Date: 12/13/2011
80% Toshiba Portege Z835-P330 13.3-inch Laptop PC
Source: Comp Reviews Anglais EN→FR
Toshiba's Portege Z835-P330 is an amazing entry into the ultrabook market with a very lightweight design and some extremely long running times. It is one of the most affordable of the new laptops with its $900 price tag yet includes a full range of features including a solid state drive and an amazing number of peripheral ports that puts the competition to shame.
Critique unique, disponible en ligne, Court, Date: 12/05/2011
Note: Note totale: 80%
70% Toshiba Portege Z835
Source: Techreview Source Anglais EN→FR
Battery life of the Toshiba Portégé Z835 is really great, especially compared to other ultrabooks. We were able to get about 5-hours of battery life and the category average is about 4-hours. It's crucial to have a good battery life with an ultrabook because their batteries are not removable, so you can't rely on spares.
Critique unique, disponible en ligne, Très court, Date: 11/29/2011
Note: Note totale: 70%
70% Toshiba Portege Z835-P330
Source: PC Mag Anglais EN→FR
The Toshiba Portege Z835-P330 may not be the best ultrabook on the market, but it does stand out due to its light weight, exceptional feature set, and category-leading battery life. The Editors' Choice Asus Zenbook UX31 still reigns supreme among ultrabooks because of its solid construction, stellar audio, and better performance, but it's $300 more. If you favor portability over performance, the Z835-P330 is a solid choice.
Critique unique, disponible en ligne, Très court, Date: 11/21/2011
Note: Note totale: 70%
60% Toshiba Portege Z835
Source: PC World Anglais EN→FR
The $799 Best Buy model of the Toshiba Portege Z835 is an interesting proposition. It’s noticeably lighter than other Ultrabooks and the Macbook Air, features a surprisingly good array of ports and a backlit keyboard, and doesn’t skimp out on the SSD the way the similarly-priced Acer Apsire S3 does. On the other hand, the performance of the Core i3 processor isn’t up to the level of its contemporaries, the display quality is mediocre, and there’s bit too much flex in the screen – an annoying slight on an otherwise rigid machine. This is certainly an easier laptop to recommend than the Acer Ultrabook (the other sub-$1000 option), but not quite as likeable as the Asus Zenbook UX31E or Lenovo IdeaPad U300s.
Critique unique, disponible en ligne, Très court, Date: 11/18/2011
Note: Note totale: 60%
60% Toshiba Portege Z835 Review: The Best Ultrabook
Source: Notebookreview.com Anglais EN→FR
The Toshiba Portege Z835 is an all-around winner and was a pleasure to review. It has solid build quality, a decent backlit keyboard, a good touchpad, six hours of battery life, and the characteristic light weight (2.4 lbs) and thinness we’ve come to expect from Ultrabooks. Where the Z835 stumbles is performance; the included 128GB SSD is exceptionally slow. The Intel Core i3 processor is bottom of the barrel but should have plenty of oomph for general usage. At $899 the Z835 undercuts existing Ultrabooks by $100 or more and makes for a very attractive choice. It is an ideal on-the-go companion and a tempting alternative to the Apple MacBook Air.
Critique unique, disponible en ligne, Long, Date: 11/15/2011
Note: Note totale: 60% prix: 70% performance: 60% équipement: 80% mobilité: 70% ergonomie: 80%
70% Toshiba Portege Z835-P330
Source: CNet Anglais EN→FR
Another Ultrabook contender enters the fray with the arrival of the Toshiba Portege Z835. Following in the footsteps of the Acer S3, Lenovo U300s, and Asus Zenbook, this system aims to provide Windows users with a clear alternative to Apple's popular MacBook Air. Another entry in the MacBook Air clone wars, the Toshiba Portege Z835 offers great bang for the buck in some areas, but also looks and feels a bit cheap.
Critique unique, disponible en ligne, Long, Date: 11/11/2011
Note: Note totale: 70% performance: 70% mobilité: 90%
80% Ultrabooks for Everyone: Toshiba Joins the Fray
Source: Wired Magazine Anglais EN→FR
So far it sounds like a miracle machine, so what’s not to love? The keyboard isn’t too pretty, with nearly-no-travel keys and uneven backlighting that comes off looking cheap. The trackpad is nice, but the buttons are tiny and hard to press, as they’re both stiff and slightly recessed into the chassis, making them difficult to reach. My biggest complaint, though, has to be against the Z835’s lack of stability. I had far more than my fair share of inexplicable problems simply installing apps and more getting them to run successfully. While all the crashes were eventually recoverable, I found I wasted a lot of time troubleshooting issues I really shouldn’t have had to deal with at all.
Critique unique, disponible en ligne, Très court, Date: 11/11/2011
Note: Note totale: 80%
80% Ultrabooks for Everyone: Toshiba Joins the Fray
Source: Wired Magazine Anglais EN→FR
Aside from the keyboard, the Z835 looks good — and professional — and feels impossibly lightweight. If the crash issues can be remedied (driver updates, perhaps?), Toshiba’s got a surprisingly near-perfect and world-class ultrabook on its hands.
Critique unique, disponible en ligne, Très court, Date: 11/11/2011
Note: Note totale: 80%
80% Toshiba Portege Z835 Notebook Review
Source: Laptop Mag Anglais EN→FR
The Toshiba Portege Z835 is arguably the best Ultrabook yet--and certainly the best option under $1,000. For $899, you get the lightest 13-inch laptop around, full-size ports, and an accurate touchpad. The nearly 7 hours of battery life is another big plus. However, the this notebook's stiff keyboard, dull 1366 x 768 screen, and slow-writing SSD can't beat the more-expensive MacBook Air. But if you can accept a few compromises, the Portege Z835 is a fantastic value for students, small business users, or anyone who needs a lightweight, nimble notebook with equal parts portability and style.
Critique unique, disponible en ligne, Moyen, Date: 11/08/2011
Note: Note totale: 80%


Intel HD Graphics 3000:

3 GPUs à venir (1er Trimestre 2011) intégrés aux CPU Intel Sandy Bridge (Core ix-2xxx). Les 3000 / 200 correspondent à la puce GT2 avec 12 Execution Units (EUs).

La plupart des jeux pas trop demandants actuels peuvent tourner de façon fluide. soyez prêts à endurer un rendu graphique assez moche à cause de la basse résolution et des détails au minimum. Par ailleurs ces cartes sont suffisantes pour un travail de bureau et le visionnage de vidéos (pas évident pour la vidéo HD).

>> Plus d'informations peuvent être trouvées dans notre comparaison des cartes graphiques mobiles et liste de Benchmarks.

2367M: Processeur économique ULV cadencé à 1.4 GHz sans Turbo boost. Possède une GPU HD 3000 cadencé entre 350 et 1000 MHz et avec le contrôleur mémoire DDR3-1333.
>> Plus d'informations peuvent être trouvées dans notre comparaison des processeurs mobiles.

13.3": Ce format d'affichage peut s'appeler le mini grand format pour petits portables.
L'avantage est que le subnotebook peut être  de petite dimension et peut être porté facilement. de plus Un petit écran a un avantage, il a besoin de peu de courant, ce qui améliore le temps d'exécution de batterie et en conséquence la mobilité. L'inconvénient est que la lecture des textes est épuisante pour les yeux. Les hautes résolutions sont a proscrire.
>> Pour connaître la finesse de l'écran, jetez un oeil sur notre liste de DPI.

1.1 kg: Ce subnotebook a le poids le plus léger par rapport aux autres ordinateurs portables et peut être porté très facilement.


Toshiba Corporation est une compagnie conglomérat multinational de construction, dont le siège social est au Japon. La principale activité de la société est dans le secteur des infrastructures, des produits de consommation, et des appareils électroniques et composants. Les Semi-conducteurs Toshiba sont dans le Top 20 des ventes mondiales de semi-conducteurs. Toshiba est l'un des plus grands constructeurs internationaux de portables. Il existe de nombreuses revues pour les modèles de Toshiba.

Toshiba critiques

70%: La note est mauvaise. La plupart des portables sont mieux notés. Nous ne conseillons pas cet achat.

>> Plus d'informations peuvent être trouvées dans Guide d'achat de portables.

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$19.88 Toshiba 45W Slimline Replacement AC Adapter for Toshiba - Portégé Ultrabook Z835-P330, Z835-ST8305, 100% Compatible With P/N: PA3822U-1ACA

$17.88 Toshiba 45-Watt Slimline Global Replacement AC Adapter for Toshiba Portege Z835, Toshiba Portege Z835-P330, Toshiba Portege Z835-P360, Toshiba Portege Z835-P370, Toshiba Portege Z835-P372, Toshiba Portege Z835-ST6N02, Toshiba Portege Z835-ST6N03, Toshiba Portege Z835-ST8305, 100% Compatible with P/N: PA3822U-1ACA, PA3822E-1AC3, PA5044U-1ACA, PA5044E-1AC3.

$19.29 Toshiba 19V 2.37A 45W Replacement AC adapter for Notebook Model: Portege Z830-BT8300,PT225U-00Q00F, Portege Z830-S8301,PT225U-004004, Portege Z830-S8302,PT225U-006004, Portege Z830-SP3245L, Portege Z835-SP3201M, Portege Z835-SP3202M, Portege Z835-P330,PT224U-001001, 100% compatible with Toshiba Part Number: PA3822U-1ACA. * Free travel size USB optical mouse with retractable cord.*

$18.88 Toshiba 19V 2.37A 45W AC Adapter for Toshiba Model Numbers: Portege Z830-BT8300, PT225U-00Q00F, Portege Z830-S8301, PT225U-004004, Portege Z830-S8302, PT225U-006004, Portege Z835-P330, PT224U-001001, Portege Z835-P360, PT224U-012021, Portege Z835-P370, PT224U-013021, Portege Z835-P372, PT224U-01302G, Portege Z835-ST6N02, PT224U-01100C, 100% compatible with Toshiba Part Number: PA3822U-1ACA

$65.00 Toshiba PORTEGE Z835-P330 13.3" WXGA HD SLIM LCD LED Display Screen

Pricerunner n.a.

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